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J. S Bach: The 6 Flute Sonatas

Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. The site is also available in several languages. Please use the dropdown buttons to set your preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults. Handel's so-called 'Opus 1' is a mish-mash of fifteen sonatas for various instruments cobbled together by an unscrupulous publisher in Handel's lifetime to take advantage of his name.

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Some of them may or may not be by Handel, although all of the music is fine and interesting. All of these are on this CD, together with yet another Handel flute sonata which was discovered as recently as the s and which we have recorded since the issue of the earlier set.

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This disc therefore gives us all eight of Handel's known flute sonatas. Here the mysteries start, because it was not in fact published by Roger at all but by the London publisher John Walsh.

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It is generally and plausibly supposed that Walsh gave it a false imprint because it was an unauthorized publication, from music illicitly obtained, and he preferred that Handel should not know it was his work. The publisher clearly had hopes of selling this mixed set to players of any of the four instruments.

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For example, the very first of them, HWV, published as a flute sonata in E minor, exists in an authentic D minor version for violin, while another HWVb started life as a sonata evidently intended for the recorder and a third HWVb seems originally to have been for oboe. A fourth—the one in E minor HWVb with what is virtually the same first movement as the E minor one discussed above—is a compound work, put together by Handel himself; it is in fact the only flute sonata of which we have his autograph manuscript in the British Library , probably dating from the late s.

The music it contains, however, may not have been intended for the flute in the first place; it incorporates movements that were probably first written for three other sonatas. But there is no evidence for this or indeed for any other date and a good deal against it. If this sonata is at least largely authentic, there is reason to suppose that its two companion pieces may be too.

The eighth sonata HWV in this tally is a work in D major, which was discovered in its flute-sonata form only in the s.

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It comes from a manuscript collection of sonatas in Brussels Conservatoire, which also includes early copies of two of his oboe sonatas. It is probably early, written by about Handel may not have intended every one of them to be heard in this form, but it would take an austere purism quite foreign to his time and its modes of thought to imagine that he would have found anything to object to.

After an Adagio, brief but expansive of line, Handel embarks on a fugue; this time the bass comes in four bars on with a genuine fugal answer. Then comes an Adagio, with what promises to be a ground bass; but Handel rarely uses forms rigidly and soon he lets the bass pattern become absorbed into the texture of the music as a whole. The first movement is remarkable for its wide-ranging, rather angular lines in dotted rhythms; the second, marked Andante, begins the same way as Halle No 2, but avoids the flights of fantasy there, where the tempo is slower, in favour of greater interplay with the bass and the development of the inverted dactylic rhythm.

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Then comes the Largo whose beginning is famous from its much later use in the D major violin sonata. It was originally for recorder, in D minor. See also. Flute concerto Flute repertory.

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Bach's Works". Retrieved Chester Music. Sonata da camera Sonata da chiesa Sonatina Trio sonata. List of sonatas Category:Sonatas Portal:Classical music.

BWV 1035 - Flute Sonata in E Major (Scrolling)

Western concert flutes. Categories : Flute sonatas. Credit: see original file.

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Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute
Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute
Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute
Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute
Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute
Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute Flute Sonata No. 6 - Flute

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