The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies

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I am soooo glad I stumbled upon this blog. Wonderful story and amazing looking pie.

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Thank you so much. I love your blog. It brings back fond memories of my college years in Austin. I have been thinking about making one for the past couple of weeks…Bless your heart! O my goodness! That looks amazing! I definitely need to set aside some time so I can try it out. Your stories are as scrumptious as your recipes! This recipe looks like the perfect way to remedy a very pathetic situation. Your story rings so true for me. My grandmother made the best banana creme pie! I would visit her and that would be my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

She would always make one just for me. Little did I know that when she passed away so did her recipe and technique. I have yet to find a banana creme pie to match hers. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to at least capture her recipe card and thank you for allowing me to recall some really fantastic memories…. Being a good ol' Texas boy,I have had my share of chocolate pies. My grandmother made the best pie,of course. Well now thats gone,God bless her,I have tried to carry on the pie making with her recipe but of course its just not the same.

My wife says it could never be because its missing all that love. And being in Norway you are far from home! Good luck cooking, give a holler if you have any questions. Sarah McColl—Your elementary school had chocolate pie? And yes, the flour is not self rising. Farmer Jen—I talked to my grandma, and she did say it was the Palmer method that made all of them have the same pretty handwriting. And thank you! Farmgirl Susan—Seriously? Anon—I hear you on the breakfast, lunch and dinner front!

And good luck in your search for a banana cream pie up to your standards. I litterally stumbled onto this site by accident but I am so glad that I did! Brandon from Nacogdoches, TX. The chocolate pie tradition began as a reward for good grades or encouragement when a child could do better. It morphed into a birthday tradition as well. Your photos are fabulous — such good perspective! I especially like the one of your grandma holding the pie. Great post! That pie looks so good. My granny used to make them every Sunday. Loved it. Her recipes look just like that card except they were folded up pieces of paper.

Take care. You know, all Grandmas probably do have the same handwriting because they used to teach penmanship in elementary school. I went to a lot of schools across the US and almost all had those letters going around the top of the walls. WOW, I love this blog and the photos are so complimentary to the look of this blog! Congrats on the blogs of note and keep up the great work! My mother and grandmother use a similar recipe. Mom sometimes tweaks it a bit and makes peanut butter pie instead. Both are equally delicious.

None of my grandmothers are really pie bakers. Still, I want to be the pie baking grandmother one day. My grandma makes a chocolate pie too and try as we might it never comes out quite the same when anyone else in the family tries to make it. I will definately give your recipe a go and see what happens. Thanks :o. I love the down home feel of your blog. Love the new design, Lisa. Oh my gosh, my hubby is literally going to go wild when he sees this. His mom used to bake this pie for him, and when she passed away, the recipe went with her.

Every time we have pie, he talks about this combo of choc and meringue. Everyone always tells him to eat it with whipped cream, but he prefers the meringue. Ooooh, you are going to make him soooo happy! This pie looks amazing! Sweet potato pie, stuffing, pumpkin pie… any suggestions? What is it about Grandmothers?

My baking talents comes from mine, I just wish she was of sound mind to know the amazing things she has passed down. I may have to try it this weekend IF I can convince my daughter to help me. Your so lucky you get your grandma to still make you the pie. I wrote a blog recently because one of the best things my Oma made while she was alive was something I swore I hate and never even tried. That photo is amazing. I would love nothing more than to sit with grandma and learn how she bakes a pie. That is a treasure. I just made this and it is heaven! Thanks to your Grandma!

I have some of these yellowed cards from my grandmother. They look remarkably alike, in fact! We skipped the meringue part, neither of us like it that much. Still heaven though! Yours is way more serious and looks fabulous! Hmmm it sounds heavenly. I have to admit to liking pecan pie, although I used to pick off the pecans because I only like the texture and taste of the filling and crust! It was great, especially the crust!! Next time, I am going to skip the meringue and just add fresh whipped cream.

Thanks for the recipe. I have no business baking something like this, but as soon as I saw your pictures I had to try it — will let you know what I think later! Love the photos. This recipe prompted me to make my first ever pie and boy, was it worth it! Every time you talk about your grandma, she just sounds awesomer and awesomer!

My husband from Austin will die when I make him a chocolate pie. I may have sneered when he told me about chocolate pies in the past — I was thinking of big gooey slices at the cafeteria. And thank you for the link to the piecrust recipe. I look forward to trying to overcome my piecrust disability. That looks so good! Wow, my mouth is watering! Having grandma cook a good pie brings back happy memories. I lost my gran in and I miss her baking. This must be a Grandma thing. Her chocolate pie was my birthday cake for many years.

Southern Brown Sugar Pie

It sounds like they had the same recipe. I baked two apple pies yesterday. I think they were a hit… Cause they are all gone! I too am a homesick Texan. That is a good title. The food looks delicious. Fabulous pie! Is there anything better? Oh and my blueberry cream pie is to die for. Funny story to that one.

Now if only I could persuade you to send me a piece of chocolate. Can she make a Lemon Meringue Pie?? Bet she can! Chocolate and Lemon…not together…Those are my favorites! Your grandmother bakes like me! It certainly is a great looking pie. I had to laugh. Mema lives in Beaumont. Makes me wonder if it could be the same recipe. And told each of her grandchildren that she makes it JUST for that one.

But my Daddy still firmly believes that Mema makes that pie just for him every Thanksgiving. Cute story! Love the pic of your Grandma holding the pie. Makes me miss watching my grandmother bake!

You picked NY over Texas? The atrocity! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seriously people, make this pie…it is so easy and so yummy. I went fancy and used valrhona cocoa powder, yum! I would love and authentic recipe for Real thick American Pancakes. Maybe I am wrong. Keep cooking my fried. Maybe you would like to try some of my continental recipes.

It seems the owner, an elderly lady, was giving up her home to live in an assisted living facility. All of her life long personal belongings were displayed in the yard, etc. Tucked among some dishes was a large zip-lock bag chock full of hand-written recipes on index cards yes, stains and all plus other recipes she had clipped from magazines, boxes, etc. My heart tugged at this and I bought the entire bag for a whopping 25 cents.

Better yet, I will make some of her recipes in her honor. I baked this pie today! Or maybe the ingredients are different here in Ireland from Texas. Thank you for a great recipe and a great blog! Made it and it was fab-u-lous. I really want to freeze it next time. She made them often when I was growing up. Me too…my grandmother made them and she was diabetic…I never appreciated her enough. The chocolate pie looks delicious. It looks exactly what i remember my Grandmother and my Mother making. I grew up in a place not far from Stephenville. I love your site keep up the great work.

After a fruitless search for a pineapple pie recipe one built off of a classic cream pie base , I stumbled on to this recipe. It looks fantastic. Only one complaint, though — oleo is NOT butter. I made this tonight and was very impressed. It tastes delicious. There are a few more recipes that you have posted that I am saving some for non-working night meals and some for quick meals.

Thank you. I just blogged about it too. Many thanks to you and your wonderful grandma. It was my first attempt at making a chocolate pie. Missing Texas in Pittsburgh. I know hers is equal parts cocoa and flour though. Hello fellow Texan! I can only imagine how you miss it. I love chocolate pie and family recipes. I stumbled upon this recipe while searching for a not-so-sickeningly sweet chocolate pie recipe. Thanks for sharing! Other than my egg whites weeping a bit personal error , this was a really tasty pie that fulfilled my desire for something less-sweet.

Again, Thanks for sharing! I made this pie and yummo!! Good luck keep that reciepe close to you heart Kim, North Caroina. I love grannies…. Go Granny! Go PIE! Thank you! That chocolate pie looked just like the one my Granny made. When we would go visit her from Florida, she would be up and have one baked before breakfast.

My grandparents lived outside of Coleman. What an absolutely wonderful, delicious treat! If there was a rating system here, 5 stars would not be enough. Thanks for sharing this terrific recipe. I made this recipe for our Easter dessert using the crust from the pecan pie recipe. It was delicious, almost dangerous! Very, very nice. I will be making it again.

I see you have a ca-zillion comments here. I got it from a lady who worked at our law firm until she was 86 years old! I have to tell you also that I make this filling, pour it into a bowl and serve scoops of it over hot regular old baking powder biscuits! You have to try it. But, serve it warm! I'm going to make the pie this weekend. I've been searching for a good chocolate pie recipe for my book discussion group when we read "The Help" by Kathryn Strockett. A chocolate pie is mentioned in the book, with hilarious results.

Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe. I found your blog accidentally, while looking for a chocoalate pie recipe. It is amazing with all the recipes on the net how few there are for plain old chocolate pie. And I am stunned, after reading through these posts, that there are people who have never heard of chocolate pie. What a shame. Well, I tried another recipe first and it failed. I am a fairly decent cook and chocolate pie was a request from my husband, so in my eyes, failure was not an option. I was determined to get it right.

When I tried your recipe he said, "You got it". Thank you so much for posting your story and your recipe. To my surprise the story was as good as the pie. Funny how home cookin' can be as good as a good story. At least it can when it's southern. Now, on your next trip home, if you could video your Grandma making her crust I KNOW they're homemade and post it on youtube, that would be great. My crusts taste good, but are NOT pretty! I need a Grandma's help! Wow, now that I have discovered this site, I can't seem to leave. I guess nothing I need to do will get done today.

Great posting! The pie sounds divine but the recipe card was the piece de resistance. I love looking from my mother-in-laws 's Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. She has recipes clipped inbetween the pages from friends and newpaper articles. It's a treat to use it. My mother still has a cookbook that her mom used where you were told to use a pinch of this and a handfull of that! Speaking of my mother, she made a sinfully rich chocolate pie which was made with honey not sugar. She can't remember the recipe any longer and I was wondering if anyone out there knew of one.

She made hers with a graham cracker crust but a regular crust would be fine too.

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I love it one person in the family reigns supreme over a recipe. My Aunt "E" makes the most incredible coconut cream pie you ever put in your mouth and no one else in the family will even try. We all fight over getting her to make one when we get together. Now I really need to go do something productive! I discovered ur blog while looking for chocolate pie recipes. I was thrilled to find this one!

Tried it right away and it turned out great. I am an Idian, living in India, following the recipe of home sick Texan's recipe to success. Makes me thankful for internet and blogs! I made this pie last night. I stumbled on this looking for a recipe to use up a glut of Baker's chocolate in my freezer..

I used cocoa. Greetings from San Antonio. I stumbled across your blog looking at the bacon jam recipe. The chocolate pie recipe is the one that definately caught my attention. I swear we could be related. Aside from a minor difference in the amount of milk and butter, this is the same recipe that has been passed through my family for at least four generations. Thanks for posting it. I definately want to try out some of your other recipes and you've managed to convince me that I need to check out the Central Market here! I would like to tell you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart because growing up both of my parents had to work long hours to [put food on the table which meant I learned to cook at a very young age my grandma showed me everything I know I love to bake but, before she died I din't have a chance to get her pie recipes.

When I tried this my eyes watered up it was like I was sitting in her kitchen eating her chocolate pie. I echo the sentiments of others here, "Do we have the same Grandma, or what?! Thanksgiving's just around the corner and my Grandmother was always responsible for the chocolate pie. Every year her first comment upon arrival was, "I don't think it turned out this year. It's just not gonna be as good. She passed about 15 years ago, and to this day when we make this pie, you have to say her statement! It doesn't matter which of us bakes the pie, it won't turn out without "THE Statement".

I have fallen in love with your site and recipes. I am a Texan living in the Seattle area for awhile. No Tex-Mex up here either. Your recipes have encouraged me to cook my heritage again. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share with ALL of us. We go through that same scenerio with my Aunt and her "famous" coconut pie. It's "never as good as the last one" and yet we are all fighting one another over getting an extra piece.

We are all so lucky to have such good food memories! Your chocolate pie was one of the first things that caught my eye and I've had it in my 'to try' folder for ages. I finally did make it and it was gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely recipe. The best part was it was so easy and quick to put together and looked so attractive! I am looking forward to trying out your other pies. I made your grandma's recipe today for my family. It is beyond delicious!

My grandma was the "pie maker" in the family and she would have loved this! My meringue didn't turn out the greatest, but I don't have a lot of experience yet with meringue. Thank you for sharing her recipe. I wanted to try and make my grandmother's pie and stumbled onto your blog and love it! I don't know if this is strange, but the story of your grandmother made me cry. I lost my grandmother in 04 and still miss her so much!

That recipe card brought a tear to my eye. It could have come right from my grandma's recipe box — bless her soul. How I miss her and wish I'd gotten so many recipes from her. I made this recipe, and it was just as wonderful as hers. Delicious and nostalgic. My Grandma passed when I was I have several of her recipe boxes full of recipes…she was a cake baker by trade but just a wonderful cook in general. My husband's grandmother made a chocolate pie like this and I had her come and we baked several chocolate pies over a weekend.

She stirred and stirred her cocoa and flour until there were no lumps what so ever…. I am making one tonight for my hubby!! First off.. We are all blessed to have these amazing food memories! Happy New Year to everyone and happy eating too! Just did this and enjoyed it a lot! I was always scared of making it for some reason and this recipe gave me the courage to try, and it's so easy and delicious I wonder why I had never made it before! I'm gonna make it tonight, I keep skim on hand but will happily buy whole for this if needed.

Thanks for the recipe! What a perfect way to celebrate both holidays! I'm a Texas ex-pat living in upstate New York.. I have fond memories of chocolate fried pies at a little diner in Snyder Plaza in University Park Dallas. Your grandmother's chocolate pie filling and the blueberry fried pie crust would be heavenly! Great pie! I just made it today and it was chocolaty goodness! I used whipped cream because it was easier and it went so well. I highly recommend making this pie! The only problem is that I can't eat dinner after that much chocolate. Well, I found your site because like you, I one day "took notes" while my grandmother made her wonderful chocolate pie.

I didn't think to take pictures But later she wrote me a letter about our day and included the recipe that I treasure and it brings tears everytime I see it. However, I cannot get my pies to thicken like Grandmothers. Nor does mine taste just as hers did. My Grandmother has since passed away. I am getting ready to attempt one today and I always look online to check other recipes to make sure Im doing it correctly. Today I think my Grandmother led me to yours! Thank you and God Bless our precious Grandmothers. I've tried tons of recipes for chocolate custard pies, but have never found one that is this delicious!

Most of the ones I've tried come out tasting very similar to having used a boxed pudding…. I used a mixture of 2 Tbs dark cocoa powder and 1 bar of semi-sweet bakers chocolate. The pie came out absolutely amazing! This was the perfect chocolate pie recipe! I just wanted to comment that I followed the recipe exactly and it came out wonderfully! Thank you so much! I have never made my own chocolate pie before, but am a connoisseur of pie eating and chocolate meringue is one of my favroites!!

Thanks for sharing your chocolate pie recipe. I made one yesterday using store bought pudding…what a mess. So glad I found yours. It looks and holds up wonderfully. Oh my gosh, hats off to your grandma! I just made this pie for my husband 3 hours ago. There's only one slice left.

I made the pie filling today! I halfed the recipe as I was using it for cookie filling. It was so easy to make! And delicious! OMG your grandmothers handwritting is just like my grandmothers I have been trying to make my grandmother's Chocolate pie for 2 years and I thought I might look up a recipe to see if I am missing something. The pie has won both years and this year I will conquer the pie. Just made this pie. I am going to double it next time.

My pie plate was too big. I just made your Grandmother's chocolate pie and I have a few suggestions. Less sugar, it's way too sweet, bake the crust 15 not 20 minutes I check my oven's thermostat on a regular basis, it's right on the money, and the final baking needs to be a bit longer unless you like a runny filling. I made this pie as well and the center juggles even after 20 mins of baking.. Not sure what I did wrong, I did double the recipe and I used store brought pie crust. I will try again and a gain though the slice you show looks heavenly.

Keysha—The chocolate custard cooks in the pan, not the oven. All that's happening in the oven is the browning of the meringue. So keep cooking the custard in the pan until it's your desired consistency. My lovely Lisa, My pie was splendid once it cooled. I do believe I should have cooked it longer in the pot and I am glad you added tips to the recipe. It was great and was a nice solid pie when I sliced it after it cooled. Quiet as kept I just had a leftover slice from the 2nd pie I left at home. Thank you for sharing your grandmothers recipe with us. I made this for a boy who doesn't normally care for pie and had never heard of chocolate pie.

I also left out the meringue and whipped some cream for those who wanted it. We had it chilled, and it was a hit and very filling. Thanks again! My egg whites and salt never got fluffy. Crystal—Nothing's missing. Water and humidity can affect the eggs, so maybe that was the problem. Sorry they didn't fluff! I love this recipe! I am from Oklahoma but living in Germany, most of my family is from Louisiana, to say the least I've grown up with some amazing food!

Today I was craving a chocolate pie and decided to try this recipe and it was amazing! The crust was also very lecker tasty and extremely easy! I will defiantly be keeping this recipe to use again! Wow just made this pie and it looks delicious….. Thanks for sharing.. From Newfoundland Canada. Low on groceries with a guest coming for dinner, I did an internet search looking for a quick chocolate pie recipe without any strange ingredients, and yours looked the most promising. It has been less than 24 hours since my making this pie, and there is one piece left. AND I doubled the recipe to make a deep-dish.

It gives the ever so slightest hint of coconut— an almost buttery, tropical aftertaste. For what it's worth. The handwriting on the recipe card looks almost like my grandmother's…. I would love to try to make this in honor of her! My Grandmother was so wonderful and I miss her everyday. When I need to feel her close to me I put on one of her old aprons and get to baking!

This Pie was a staple and it cured any illness, sadness etc. Unfortunately we were unable to find a recipe and so I am grateful to stumble across this! Can't wait to try it out! I just wanted to say that this recipe has brought joy to so many. I make this pie repeatedly and people always request it. Thanks so much for sharing!! I just made this pie for the 1st time and it was fantastic. My Aunt said this was just like the one her grandmother used to make. We love it. I just made this pie and it's simply amazing. I've made several chocolate pies, and was astounded how simple this was to make.

And the taste was so fantastic. Thanks so much for the crust recipe link too, I'd never made a pie crust with oil before and now this is the way I'm going to make all my pie crusts. I was inspired to bake this after watching the film 'The Help' Not sure I got measurements right, had to convert cups to GB ounces and the mixture was a bit thick, but looks and tastes good so the more I make it the better it should get. I've not made a pie with this recipe YET. The hub is not a "cream" pie fan but OMG is the filling the bomb!! My mother did this just before she passed away a put a small history of herself in the back.

My brother typed it up on the computer and it is a wonderful gift she left behind. Just like this is a wonderful PIE. Yummy pie recipe!! I made it for today's Thanksgiving, and it was so good!

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Thank you for sharing this recipe. I especially love the personal stories you tell with each recipe. I think recipes, and the relationships and family stories surrounding them, are one of the real pleasures of life. I just made a chocolate pie from my great grandmothers hand written recipe. I either really messed it up or she left something out! My Great Grandmother's tasted great just didn't get thick enough.

OMG your grandma rocks.

How We Make Chocolate Cream Pie, Best Old Fashioned Southern Pie Recipes

I just made this pie and it is absolutely delicious. For kids used to jello pie pudding and dream whip, this was like a sice of hevean. What a great post and I love the photo of your grandma carrying her masterpiece. Wonderful recipe! This pie is absolutely amazing. I made three this weekend, and everyone has loved it. This will be my go to dessert. Thank you for posting this. This is IT! This is the chocolate pie my grandmother made.

I used meringue powder to add the equivalent of another egg white to make the meringue higher, but the filling was perfect. I never could get the filling right using cornstarch, but this is the right texture and thickens up nicely. Chocolate pie has come back home to Honey Grove, Texas! I used this recipe today. The chocolate pie was so yummy and was gone in a few minutes!! This is truly a treasured southern recipe. Oh my gosh I made this pie by the recipe and it turned out just like my Mother made… That is the ultimate compliment as far a I am concerned My Mom was the very best cook in our home town.

The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies

Thank for shareing I love it I have made the pie 4 times over the holidays and everyone wants more you know it is a very easy recipe. Thanks Mona from Arkansas. I absolutely love it Its amazing I'm making it right now so good second one made so far. I did this for an anti-birthday anti-cake birthday party on the weekend. The chocolate pie went so fast I had to fight my way to getting the last piece just so I could taste my handy work. There were so many compliments.

Thank you!!! I made this pie over the weekend. This pie is absolutely delicious. I have never made a chocolate pie in my life and this was the easiest pie to make. This will definitely be a pie that I make often especially for holidays. I don't believe I will beable to make just one.

I have never commented online but the pie was so good I had to let you know. Thank you so much for sharing. My momma's chocolate pie recipe! I looke dall over the internet at Christmas and could not find it. I settled for another, it wasn't good and didn't all get eaten either. Today is my daughters 18th birthday and i thought I would bake a chocolate pie for supper. She wants her birthday cake over the weekend so I will surprise her with a chocolate pie, one of her fav's. Thank you so much for posting this recipe and the blog with it makes is special.

Better get to baking! Thanks again. Chocolate Pie and Buttermilk Pie are my most favorite! I have shared this recipe with friends and it is the hit of DC! Thanks for posting. Your Grandma sounds just like mine did! I think it's awesome that you still have a wonderful Gma like that.

I love your stories and how you make me feel like I am right there with y'all yes, I am a country girl y'all lol! Thank you for sharing this with us. I am going to make these pies for Thanksgiving I usually bake around pies, yes I looove baking , everyone loves them and know how much love I put into them.

I give them to friends and family. Thanks again, and tell Grandma I said "thank you for sharing her special recipes"! G'day from Australia! On my last trip to the US a dear friends mother made us a traditional pumpkin pie and we loved it. I brought home the recipe and have made so many since. I am just so pleased to fine one of those wonderful cherished family recipes…. I am going to make your chocolate pie for my family tomorrow, I just know my hubby and son will be in chocolate heaven.

Martha Stone Cookbooks, Recipes and Biography | Eat Your Books

I will also send it to my daughter in Michigan…I just know she will love it too. Thank you for sharing your much loved Grandma's recipe with the rest of us. I so appreciate your kindness. This was my grandmother's recipe, too. I've tried making it, but it never comes out quite the same as hers. My husband wanted to make me a chocolate pie for mother's day since it's my favorite and when we googled the ingredients we came across your blog. I normally wouldn't comment, but it was such a coincidence that I couldn't resist. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a friend and she showed me your cookbook.

She has an autographed copy from her friend, who is none other than your grandma! Now, I'm not sure this is the same grandma Jean Jernigan. My friend is Lena Hobbs—she was a neighbor of ours and her dear husband suffers from alzheimers so I help them out a few days a week. My husband and I both love to cook and I have plans to buy him your cookbook for his birthday next month.

Your grandma was working on getting an autographed copy for me, but I didn't want it to be too much trouble. Oh and last weekend we made your poblano mac n cheese for our dinner guests and it was a huge hit—there was nothing left! I had to add that my grandmother's recipe also calls for "oleo"—I don't remember her ever calling it "butter. I've baked this pie 3 times now!

It is a keeper. Thank you for sharing it! I made 2 of these last night and the filling turned out PERFECT and delicious, the meringue however took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up "weeping" I will have to retry it with a different technique! This is really similar to my Granny's recipe.

It is just a little different. I made this today but substituted cornstarch for the flour. Very yummy. My granny was from Southern Oklahoma so similar cooking styles. Thanks so much for posting. The first time I made this for my mom she just looked up at me and demanded where I got the recipe.

This is fantastic! My family loves it. Made one for us and one for church tomorrow. Love that the ingredients are so simple. This weekend I have made 3 of your dishes since finding your site on Friday and I must say each one is better than the next! The chocolate pie was absolutely to die for served hot with homemade ice cream! My husband and I are thrilled to have a little taste of Texas in TN! Thanks so much!! This is priceless. And being that chocolate pie has always been my favorite I can't thank you enough for sharing something so personal and awesome.

A couple of years ago I went thru my mom's recipe cards and made copies for my siblings and my children. Some recipes are in mom's handwriting and some in both grandmothers' handwritings. Made a recipe binder for each of us as a keepsake, which we all treasure! Donna — Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks for a little taste of our home back in Texas. Super-delicious and easy chocolate pie. I can't wait to check out your other recipes. Great recipe. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

Overview This Southern Pie book Recipe will help you get started in creating those deliciously authentic and world famed Southern Pies. Choose from the wide array of pie ingredients in this cookbook. Start with refrigerated pies and go on to the next level of pie making and that's pie baking and cobbler creations-all this you can find and learn here! You don't have to be Jaimie Oliver to whip these things up in your kitchen.

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The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies
The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies
The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies
The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies
The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies
The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies
The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies
The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies The Southern Pie Book: Your Complete Guide and Recipe Source For All Types of Southern Pies

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