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This was my first book and countless Brazilian chess players began their studies with it. A pity that this work has not yet been updated. At the beginning the priority is to train tactics: to know all the tactical themes and to solve many exercises. Remember that this will be just one of many materials books, videos, websites needed to train your calculation. Another classic that influenced my generation. Chess has changed a lot since the time this book was written, but it still remains an important work to improve your positional play.

Several other updated strategy books can be used for a similar study. In an age without computers and gigantic databases, the Informants were the books that provided the most important games analyzed by several grandmasters. Each of the volumes guaranteed many hours of fun. Another book filled with spectacular games that influenced my way of seeing chess.

Chess Grandmaster: The Mind Of Grandmasters - An iChess Documentary

Alekhine was a great scientist of the game, recognizing the importance of having a good preparation and playing with energy. The classical book with all the games from one of the greatest tournaments in chess history. With many words and few analysis, this work can greatly enhance your strategic understanding of the game. It is also worth studying the book by Don Miguel Najdorf about the same tournament, but with a different approach. A little known book, but the duo Bellin and Pozetto produced excellent books at least in my affective memory. The book has a very interesting format, with explanation of the main strategic themes and a series of tests.

The point is that the authors offer multiple possible solutions and the reader must find out, in addition to the correct solution, which hole exists in the other available plans.

Beginners' Openings and Tactics - GM Varuzhan Akobian - 2013.01.13

The book helped me improve my positional play. Perhaps this work today is questionable — after all the way of studying openings has changed a lot and certainly not all the recommendations in the book are good. But remember that this article is about the books that formed me, not the ones that still have to be read today.

A brilliant mathematician, the Englishman employs a scientific style in his work, inserting many analysis. Her style of play is very aggressive and creative, not being afraid to enter double-edged, sharp positions. This way of play allowed her to stay among the elite and fight the best players of all time.

Step-by-Step Opening Repertoire for Black and White

In her games, you can see that she is always looking for and trying to maximize the initiative. She has a classical choice of openings. With white, she played the main lines of 1. After carefully studying this course you will gain an edge over your competition , which will allow you to become a much better attacking player while picking up a handful of rating points in the process!

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With black, she employed Sicilian against 1. Judit was white and chose a very sharp line of the Sicilian Scheveningen, the Keres Attack. The double piece sacrifice she employs in the opening allows her to take over the initiative and to bring her pieces into play, while black remains underdeveloped. White crowns her attack with a third piece sacrifice, which gives her a decisive advantage.

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Chess is like a big room with different kind of books, editions, and dictionaries. Even though you reached the third norm and got the title of Grandmaster, you have many things to learn, yet. For being more experienced player you need the help of professional, they have something to teach you. Chess education is also a vital part of becoming master.

You need to know the rules of the game. By all means, Chess is a sport, moreover one of the hardest and the strongest one in the world of sport. For becoming the best you should beat others and get the throne. The best thing about chess is the competition, no physical contact between players, no words, silent looks and the real royal war between two completely different minds.

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So educate yourself to have strong willpower. Garry Kasparov. You should compete with others to understand your real abilities and discover yourself in every part of the game. When you find out your weak sides, you work on it becoming a better player than in the past. So every chess game you learn a lot and discover things that can astonish yourself too.

During your chess journey, we will be always with you. You can find dozens of materials for becoming a grandmaster, although, the handiest and useful secrets are mastered only by real grandmasters and can never be found online. Discover uncovered secrets from the Grandmaster. Hurry up, it will take place on June Watch the best games of the Webinar's Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan. Vishvanathan Anand is one of the Indian best chess players of all the time. Read about his life story and the journey of becoming one of the World Chess Champions.

The rivalry between these two giants is not only a precious gem for the chess world, but also for the whole international sports society. King Walk is a scarce happening strategy, yet whenever it happens the game turns into a real bombshell.

Learn from the Grandmasters Learn from the Grandmasters
Learn from the Grandmasters Learn from the Grandmasters
Learn from the Grandmasters Learn from the Grandmasters
Learn from the Grandmasters Learn from the Grandmasters
Learn from the Grandmasters Learn from the Grandmasters
Learn from the Grandmasters Learn from the Grandmasters
Learn from the Grandmasters Learn from the Grandmasters

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