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Nazi Germany vs. U.S.
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Police states do not often refer to themselves in this manner, as the classification is often established by an internal whistle-blower or external critic. The use of term is motivated as a response to the laws, policies and actions of that regime, and is often used pejoratively to describe the regime's concept of the social contract, human rights, and similar matters. Authoritarianism Police states tend to be very strict in authority, often dictatorships, though the South African apartheid system was also seen as a police state while being notionally democratic albeit with the majority of the population not participating in the democratic process.

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Nazi Germany , while a dictatorship, was at least initially brought into being by nominally democratic means. Enlightened absolutism Under the political model of enlightened absolutism, the ruler is the "highest servant of the state" and exercises absolute power so as to provide for the general welfare of the population. This model proposes that all the power of the state must be directed toward this end, and does not accept any codified or statutory constraints upon the ruler's absolute power.

As the enlightened absolutist ruler is said to be charged with the public good, and implicitly infallable by right of appointment, even critical opposition to the ruling party is deemed to be an crime against the state.

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The concept of loyal opposition is incompatible within this political framework. As public dissent is forbidden, it inevitably becomes secret, which is met in turn forms of political repression such as the use of secret police.

Police state

Liberal democracy , with its emphasis on the rule of law, focuses on the fact that the police state is unrestrained by law. Robert von Mohl, who first introduced the rule of law into German jurisprudence, for example, contrasted the Rechtsstaat "legal" or "constitutional" state with the aristocratic Polizeistaat "police state".

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  5. Idiomatic expansion of the term In times of national emergency or war , the balance which may usually exist between the freedom of individuals and national security often tips in favour of the state. This shift may lead to allegations that the nation in question has become, or is becoming, a police state.

    Is Silicon Valley Building the Infrastructure for a Police State?

    Well-known figures in the leaderless protest movement have visited the U. He was referring to the leader of the former British colony, who was not directly elected but appointed by an overwhelmingly Beijing-friendly committee. He alleged that some injured protesters do not go to the hospital because they fear that could lead to police getting information about them.


    Joshua Wong, another activist, said he is one of among the 1, arrested to face prosecution. The protests began against a now scrapped plan to allow extraditions to the authoritarian Chinese mainland, but grew into a wider campaign for democracy, fueled by animosity towards the police. Click to enlarge.

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