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Immobilize cervical spine if neck injury possible. Do not stop basic life support for "hopeless" patients until core temperature is Forgot Password?

Asphyxiation Drowning Accident Compensation

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Aquaphobia and the Asphyxia Caused By Drowning

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Expand All Sections. The first requirement of rescue is immediate rescue breathing and CPR Patient must also be assessed for hypothermia, hypoglycemia, concurrent injuries, and medical conditions Clinical manifestations are hypoxemia, pulmonary edema, and hypoventilation. The World Health Organization defines drowning as the "process resulting in primary respiratory impairment from submersion in a liquid medium" The panel recommended previously used terms such as near-drowning, wet-drowning, dry-drowning, silent drowning be eliminated from use Drowning may result in aspiration, laryngospasm, hypoxemia, acidemia Outcomes from drowning range from life without morbidity to death Asphyxia of drowning usually due to aspiration of fluid previously known as "wet" drowning May result from airway obstruction caused by laryngeal spasm while victim is gasping under water previously called "dry" drowning The primary effect is hypoxemia due to perfusion of poorly ventilated alveoli, intrapulmonary shunting, and decreased compliance.

Asymptomatic Abnormal vital signs Dyspnea, cough, wheezing, trismus Cyanosis Chest pain, dysrhythmia Hypotension Vomiting, diarrhea Headache, altered level of consciousness, neurologic deficit Apnea A pink froth from the mouth and nose indicates pulmonary edema With prolonged or cold-water immersion, hypothermia is likely. Alcohol or drug intoxication Myocardial infarction Seizure Suicide attempt Head or spinal cord injury from diving Decompression sickness. Metabolic acidosis is common Arterial blood gas results may be helpful in determining the degree of injury since initial clinical findings may appear benign Urinalysis shows Proteinuria Hemoglobinuria Acetonuria Leukocytosis is usually present Pa O 2 is usually decreased and Pa CO 2 increased or decreased The blood pH is decreased Bedside blood sugar must be checked rapidly Other testing is based on clinical scenario and may include Serum electrolytes Creatinine, estimated glomerular filtration rate Lactate Troponin Complete blood count Coagulation studies Urinalysis Alcohol and toxicology levels.

Immediate CPR Always suspect hypothermia and associated trauma, especially brain and cervical spine injury Do not attempt to drain water from lungs Heimlich maneuver used only if foreign body airway obstruction suspected Immobilize cervical spine if neck injury possible Do not stop basic life support for "hopeless" patients until core temperature is Sign In.

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    Tell us if something is incorrect. Out of stock. Get In-Stock Alert. Delivery not available. Pickup not available. Presents an overview of the types, mechanisms, and physical findings associated with deaths involving asphyxia. This work offers an understanding of the processes leading to asphyxiation and to recognize the physical findings associated with these conditions. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information.

    Asphyxia and drowning Asphyxia and drowning
    Asphyxia and drowning Asphyxia and drowning
    Asphyxia and drowning Asphyxia and drowning
    Asphyxia and drowning Asphyxia and drowning
    Asphyxia and drowning Asphyxia and drowning
    Asphyxia and drowning Asphyxia and drowning
    Asphyxia and drowning Asphyxia and drowning
    Asphyxia and drowning Asphyxia and drowning

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