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  • The Idaho prison tablets “hack” is a lesson in how to cover the prison business.
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People in prison are also charged for video chats, email and money transfer — things that cost you and me almost nothing. The economy for digital services in prison is broken , with prisons often offering monopoly contracts to providers that will charge customers the most.


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Recommended Reading:. Jails and bail: Our research One out of three people behind bars is in a local jail.

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Making a book takes time. First, the writer crafts and agonises in glorious isolation. But, in a wonderful coming together, all these make the final product better and better and better and better and better I love my editors We've now agreed the words and we've now agreed how the words will look. We have now even agreed the cover. I hope you like it. It's a work of art in itself and the process we went through to get to it is unusual.

We did a Fear Hack, then a four part design workshop and the cover emerged out of that. As I'm finding out, the backers of this book are very special people.


That means you! In fact, I'll be asking this question on Monday when I sit down with unbound to plan the next part of the process. I want to get this book out there and I know you can all help that process.

Hack the Cover Hack the Cover
Hack the Cover Hack the Cover
Hack the Cover Hack the Cover
Hack the Cover Hack the Cover
Hack the Cover Hack the Cover

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