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Cory January 5, Industrial gases are gaseous at room temperature and pressure and used in various industries.

Industrial Gases, Specialty Gases & Gas Mixtures

These industries include chemicals, power, medicine, electronics, aerospace, and even food. As useful as these gases are, they may be flammable and come with other dangers. Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, but it takes a lot of processing to extract and contain pure hydrogen.

Welding & Cutting

This gas can be liquefied, compressed, or mixed with other gases for various uses. Hydrogen fuels space rockets, helps the steel welding process, powers alternative energy cars, refines crude oil, aids in the production of common household chemicals, and more. The main danger of hydrogen is its explosiveness.

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When exposed to oxygen, even a regular static shock can set hydrogen on fire. On the opposite end of the spectrum, liquid hydrogen is extremely cold and can cause severe frostbite.

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  5. Acetylene is most notably used to weld materials at very high temperatures—too high for most industrial gases to achieve. Like hydrogen, acetylene is highly flammable and explosive.

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    Acetylene can also form explosive compounds when combined with metals like brass and silver. A portable gas leak detector can tell you if there is too much acetylene in your work environment. Oxygen is manufactured in compressed, liquid, and mixed forms.

    Building the world's largest industrial gas complex

    Thus, oxygen tanks help people with many medical conditions that interfere with breathing. Industrial Gases. Innovative supply solution to cover all welding situations. Argon and argon mixtures are the most used shielding atmospheres for arc welding. Performance Intuitive to use-ensures accurate and stable gas flow.

    Save money No need to buy and maintain a separate regulator - regular checks my AirLiquide.

    Industrial gas

    Work safely Emergency cut-off - Protected valve - No more exposure to high pressure gas flow. Work safely Emergency cut-off - Protected valve. Ready-to-use shielding gas solutions. Visit page.

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