Does your Love Life Add Up?

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Check your numbers! Are you desperately dateless or head over heels in love? Is your love life tragic or the stuff dreams are made of? Is your partner a true romantic or hopelessly practical? Whatever the state of your relationship, the science of numerology can set you on the path to enduring love and happiness. We apply numbers to explain most things in our lives, so why not use them to find the perfect partner?

Better Sex and More Intimacy: Habits of Connected Couples | The Healthy

And you don't need to be good at math to use the simple tools in this book! Author Max Coppa explains how numerology can easily help you answer vital questions about a prospective love, such as:. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. He has written several books on numerology and palmistry and has appeared on television and radio, and at mind, body, spirit festivals both in Australia and overseas. Plus expert tips, polls, contests, articles and a whole lot more!

They have separate interests

Recipes Cookbooks Beverages Travel Restaurants. Share Share Share Share Share. They will work hard to keep the romance fun and adventurous. Long distance relationships are no problem for this travel loving number. Five Life Paths are most compatible with the independent 1 and 7.

Six Life Paths are the parents of the other numbers. Family is very important to them.

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Sixes are incredibly kind and nurturing. Those with a 6 Life Path feel responsible for others. They are more in tune than the average person and can pick up on subtle nuances that others miss. Sixes get along with everyone.

In love, they enjoy taking care of their partner. Sometimes, 6 energy enjoys being the rescuer and can get themselves involved in co-dependent relationships. Sixes should avoid dating people with co-dependent or addiction issues. With their kind heart and compassionate nature, sixes try to fix everyone and can stay in unhealthy relationships in an attempt to heal their partner. Sixes need to understand that people must change on their own. No one can do it for them — not even the caring Six. A Six Life Path is also an excellent entrepreneur or boss.

As soon as a Six learns to ask for help, they will have the balance they seek in relationships. Everyone gets along with the Six, but they are especially compatible with the loving 2 who also loves family and the driven 8 who will work just as hard on the relationship as the 6 will. The scattered, forgetful 3 might not be the best choice for a 6 Life Path.

Friends with benefits: Can Facebook tackle your love life?

The self-motivated 5 can be challenging too. But as long as the 6 sets healthy boundaries and practices self-care, they will get along with everyone. Sevens are seen as serious, smart and mysterious.

They enjoy a challenge and love to solve a mystery. Being an original and engaging their imagination is more important to a 7 than money and success.

Your Love Life Will Finally Get the Closure It Needs in June

In good, healthy relationships, 7s are loyal, honest and very direct. They tend to be secretive, but this is mainly because 7s need their own space. Sevens show their love through quiet actions rather than showy words or big demonstrations. Sevens feel everything deeply but rarely express this. Sevens say what they mean and mean what they say.

However, if you take advantage of a seven. The fun-loving 3 might be too much of an extrovert for them. The independent 1 is a good match for the 7 as is the witty 3. The adventurous 5 pulls you out of your shell and is a good match for your keen intellect. The Eight Life Path is a serious, hard-working number. They are smart, dedicated and driven. But they can also be stubborn.

Eights learn lessons the hard way. Before an 8 Life Path finds their true love, they might stumble a few times and kiss a frog or two. Eights are known for their loyalty and commitment.

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In relationships, Eights will work hard to keep a relationship fun and meaningful. They are willing to do what it takes to make a long-term partnership work. Just remember, if you have to argue with an Eight, their stubborn tendency will make it hard for them to admit when they are wrong.

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  • Be patient, though, despite their stubborn streak, loving an Eight Life Path is a great adventure. Eights get along well with 2s. Sixes and Eights get along too. They are both natural leaders, though, so Sixes and Eights will have to negotiate a relationship of equality. Eights get along with Sevens. They have keen minds and will give each other space in their relationship. The Nine Life Path is the wise, old soul of the other numbers.

    Does your Love Life Add Up? Does your Love Life Add Up?
    Does your Love Life Add Up? Does your Love Life Add Up?
    Does your Love Life Add Up? Does your Love Life Add Up?
    Does your Love Life Add Up? Does your Love Life Add Up?
    Does your Love Life Add Up? Does your Love Life Add Up?
    Does your Love Life Add Up? Does your Love Life Add Up?

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